17 December 2008


Just for fun - here are some of the most random things I've found in the land of etsy vintage - perfect for those people who have it all - bet they don't have this stuff!

From customeyes - this 1968 judge figure - good present for a lawyer in your life I guess...

Or how about this Vintage Haitian Voodoo Doll - don't worry it's never been used. From bluemoonbetty.

A puppy too much trouble? No time for a boyfriend? Then you need this Smiling Jim Grass Growing Clay Head - bless. From RiverBazaar.

Do you know someone who obsesses just a touch too much about their weight? Then get them this:

They may get the hint... Vintage 60s/ 70s Food Calories Scarf from MariesVintage

And from me - the ultimate lazy drunks tool of choice - a Skating Bartender! Wind this baby up, put your drink on, and off it goes down the bar to your hand... quite slowly mind - but it has good intentions!

Have you found anything weird? Post a comment!


  1. That's a pretty happy looking voodoo doll! x

  2. the lazy bartender is just too cute and funny...i love the lawyer statue...

  3. haha, the skating bartender is hilarious!